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Decathlon Coach


Measure all your sports, track your progress from one session to the next, and find the right training session to fit your goals: starting to run or getting back on track, losing weight and keeping fit, gearing up for a race.TRACK YOUR SPORTS SESSIONS IN REAL TIMEDecathlon Coach is a multi-sport mobile application to measure your speed, distance covered, calories burned, difference in altitude etc.Configure the values you want to monitor on your screen or in your earbud using the audio feature, in real time.Then get a more detailed analysis on the website - Superimpose your sessions to assess your progress- Analyse the most telling parts of your circuit, - View your progress over the months and years with our tracking charts...TRAINING PLANS TAILORED TO YOUR RUNNING GOALS
You want to start running (again)? Over 4 to 6 weeks, starting with 30-minute sessions alternating walking and running, find your pace to run for 45/50 min without stopping!DECATHLON COACH can also suggest 6-week plans for those wanting to shed a few kilos or simply keep fit, at a rate of 3 sessions a week.Are you planning to take part in a race with no idea how to gear up? Follow Philippe Propage, international trainer and Kalenji coach, over 8 weeks to reach the finishing line without a hitch!BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE: Follow the coach or exercise by yourself!
Interval training involves alternating fast spurts and gentler phases in the same session. This type of training helps you run faster, including during endurance runs.Philippe Propage suggests exercises and gives running tips. The application provides audio encouragement as you exercise.Would you like to include your own exercises? You can do this too, by entering them manually. You get to customise your sessions to a T.SPORT AT YOUR OWN PACE
It's important to measure your heart rate for insights into the effort you are putting in and to progress safely. The cardio gauge explains the benefits of your effort at any given time: Blue = warm-up, Green = Endurance, Orange: Resistance, etc.STAY IN CONTACT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND GET MOTIVATED WITH THE COMMUNITY
Are you proud of your session? Quite right too! Decathlon Coach lets you share your session AND compare it with your friends with the podium available among friends.Lastly, you can share your position in real time with friends and family so you can be safe at all times. They can see exactly where you are via a secure web page.